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About The Apologetics Group/Reel to Real Ministries, Inc.

The Apologetics Group/Reel to Real, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, educational ministry. We specialize in video production and live seminars for campus outreach and Christian continuing education. We are supported in large part by the generous contributions of individuals and organizations who want to partner with us in spreading the Gospel (which includes evangelism, discipleship and reforming culture) through the use of the miracle of modern visual media.

We have seen time and again how one DVD, in the right place and in the right hands, can impact many lives…even an entire nation.

Thank you for visiting our blog… we hope you will bookmark it and visit often. Please visit the official website to find many more resources for your church ministry, evangelistic outreaches, home education or home group study.


(Please note: The Apologetics Group/Reel to Real, Inc. is NOT nor has it ever been affiliated with

The Apologetics Group/Reel to Real, Inc. is the apologetic media ministry founded by Eric Holmberg and is located in Nashville, Tennessee and has been since 2003. Our website address is – Thank you – TAG blog administrator.)

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