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Below are some short clips from the many outreach and apologetic videos produced by Eric Holmberg. Eric is the Founder and current national director for The Apologetics Group (TAG), located in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee.

All full length videos on this page can be found at The Apologetics Group official website:

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Go, Stand, Speak: The Forgotten Power of the Pubic Proclamation of the Gospel (Release scheduled for the Summer of 2010).

Go. Stand. Speak… delves into the doctrine of public preaching with experts such as Dr. George Grant, Paul Washer, Greg Gordon, Pastor John Reuther, Rusty Lee Thomas, David Legge, Ray Comfort, Stuart Migdon, Michael Marcavage, Jeff Rose, Shawn Holes, Sean Morris and other Christian leaders and uncovers the big questionis this quiet, new move of public preaching something that is simply a trend, or is it again the beginning of a move of God where He is simply doing what He always has donecalling His ministers to go and preach His message of repentance and faith where the people gather in the public, regardless of culture, current trends, or the popularity of the message and method? The Apologetics Group and Go, Stand, Speak Ministries presents this Brand New DVD to be released in the summer of 2010 about the forgotten power of public preaching. See more previews at


Purity is Important After All…

This video shows the importance of sexual purity and why promiscuity is just plain gross.

This is part of a 10 part video illustration series put out by the Apologetics Group called Raw Feed. You can see their videos here at TAG’s official website: The Apologetics Group (TAG).

Why Modern “Evangelism” is Not Evangelism At All

“Instead of seeking the elect by presenting food for sheep, the preached Word of God which the Holy Spirit uses to convict the elect of their sins, many are seeking the bottom line: numbers. Since numbers have often become the standard by which to judge a ministry’s ‘success’ and, not wanting to offend or drive people away, much of the modern ‘church’ is no longer preaching the sinfulness of man or the bloody offense of the cross. As a result, the ‘church’ is offering the wrong kind of food. Instead of food for sheep, much of today’s ‘preaching and evangelism’ is food for… goats, and goats are now everywhere!”

– Eric Holmberg

This is part of the documentary Amazing Grace: The History and Theology of Calvinism. You can order this at The Apologetics Group’s (TAG) Official Website: The Apologetics Group (TAG)


The Real Jesus: A Defense of the Historicity and Divinity of Christ
By Jay Rogers
Production by The Apologetics Group and Jay Rogers

Being Born Again – What Part Does Man Play? (Pt. 1)
From the DVD Amazing Grace – The History and Theology of Calvinism

Being Born Again – What Part Does Man Play? (Pt. 2)


Red Pill Forum: Life After Death

This segment is taken from the “Red Pill Forum” DVD (Volume 1) — a compilation of 12 “conversation starters.


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